Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Embracing the phlegm...

The lull in blogging is often associated with a busy life. This past weekend, went down to D.C. area to meet up with the college friends of Haus. Tim has posted pictures on his site: It was a good time - saw the Jefferson and FDR memorials - if only GWB would take a hint from some of this countries best former presidents I think we'd be in a lot better shape. Or if GWB wasn't in office. Whatever. Also saw some kickass modern art at the national gallery. Also watched a few episodes of the Boondocks - which I recommend - and played some board games. Too many stories for this page.

This week has been dedicated to getting back into the swing of things. With the opening of the DE Rock Gym, climbing is more accessible, and the shitty weather has brought me there 3 or 4 times now. Well worth the 40 bucks per month. Now that the weather is easing a little, the bike has been beckoning. Yesterday did a campus crawl on the mountain bike, and today was Uncle Mike from America's Hills from Heck. A good group of 10 - 15 showed up and threw down. Everyone is riding super well. I've said it over and over, but I'll say it again - I love this community. I feel a little tickle in the lungs, and I'm praying to whoever listens that it is allergies and not a cold. 12 hours of Lodi Farm is looming.

Check out this book if you ever stop by my house.

After picking up this awesome book of work by Banksy, and then visiting the Nat'l Gallery, I had an idea that I wanted to blog about creativity and creating, but the incident at Virginia Tech has really taken the front of my mind. At first I was as sad as anyone - just another fucked up incident indicative of the fucked up people in this world. But today I found out that one of the girls that was killed, senior Maxine Turner, had recently accepted a job in the same division of the same company at which I work.

Man... did that hit home. Even though I never met this girl I realized how small a world this is, and how easy it is to write off something that doesn't immediately affect one's life. At a school the size of VT, 30 people were killed. That means 1 in 1000. Seemingly small odds of taking a fatal bullet. Easy to write off as a statistic - a "wow, those were some shitty odds to lose on" moment. But here is Max, someone who could have been a coworker or friend, someone who could have worked with me to invent the next billion dollar idea, someone who was already the world to her family and friends - lost and gone forever.

And over what?

It just really hit me. Every one of those people, and every person ever caught in a school shooting, or someone needlessly killed in Iraq, or a cyclist rolled over by a careless driver. They are not just a nameless statistic. The odds of their death may have been low, but those odds were probably close to the same odds that you might someday know that same person.

Just be good to those around you, and stay at peace with the world. Nothing is worth that much stress, anger, sadness.

and remember, guns allow people to kill people.


kd said...

Well is a small world indeed.

fatmarc said...

guns are bad.

MJ drunkypants said...

sometimes i strap on my nine and go looking for trouble...