Sunday, March 11, 2007

vienna sausage

My johnson looked like a vienna sausage when we took a piss break 30 miles into our century on Saturday. I don't know if it was the cold or the knowledge that my 'taint would be pressed into my saddle for another 70 miles, but my member was far from swollen.

Great ride on Saturday. 100 miles of punchy climbs and some flats. I won't try for a ride write up because that is just dull, but Buddy and Bob both have some good details.

I am feeling great for March. I have had three 100 mile weekends in a row and my form is coming around. We'll see how I feel after 10 days of skiing and partying out west, but if this strength sticks, I may have to race more than I intended early on. It's tough balancing priorities.

My only true dedication lies with cross. The rest is up for discussion - climbing, backpacking, maybe some enduro races. It's all about balance, and friends, and life, and living.

Major MAJOR props to my friends Sam internet friend and Tough Cookie, who are going through some shit. Ladies, you are each tougher than 10 of me, and you inspire me to be strong and stay positive. You are in my thoughts.

much love,


Buddy said...

You are riding well dude. Hopefully we can log some trail miles soon.


JenBob said...

Three hundred mile weekends in a row?

I'm such a slug.

Good ridin' with ya. The group worked really well together.

airing out said...

oh, I'm no stronger than anyone else (I just talk more shit) ...but thanks!