Saturday, March 03, 2007

Spring is sprung like Sir Mix-a-Lot

Killer ride this morning. Der Jan led a ride out of People's Plaza that was just spectacular. The weather was perfect, sunny, 50 degrees. Wind was low. Great group of guys: Jan, E-town, Tom in his Big Bird tights, CZ and his downtube shifters, E-1, Rob Destructo, DenS, and myself.

I met Jan outside my house at 8.30 and we rolled down to People's. Nice 8 mile warmup. We roll out, doing what I now know as the Red Toad loop. About 25 miles into the ride, we left the comforts of the flats for some nice rollers. Still a relaxed pace, but hillier. Finally we come to Red Toad. It's a steep one, sections of 10% and 2 distinct sustained sections of climbing. I bridged nicely to E-town (skinny motherfucker) and Rob Destructo (strong mofo) who had a nice gap on the first section. E-town starts the next section with a nice gap, and Rob D. goes after him. I hesitate for a second to get into the little ring and end up 3rd over the top. Figuring, well, the hard part of the day is done.


At this point every seems to think it'll be fun to attack, bridge, pace-line, attack, repeat. Awesome. I was begging for the little ring 35 miles into the ride. I was begging to be shot 1o miles later. Jan and Rob D. are two motors with legs attached. Good times. Finished up the 55 mile loop with a pretty quick average, then Jan and I headed home from the plaza. Great ride, great group of guys. I feel like I'm starting to get a little semblance of form. Lodi is coming, and SSWC 07 will be here before you know it.

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