Friday, March 02, 2007

Hot Damn!

Has anyone else noticed that Big Jonny at is up to 4 (count 'em: FOUR) links per day for his fine looking women??? I gotta say, I love it when the man has links to anything from Hegre-Art or Met-Art:
but Crissy Moran and Puma Swede have really gotta go. I know, different strokes, but seriously, they are disgusting. And not in the good way. At any rate, 4 links is better than 3 and the odds of the good stuff has increased. Thanks Big Jon.

So many sheep, so little time.

On to business, I returned from Scotland yesterday. I'll leave the work stuff out of it, but all in all, two successful meetings. I did manage to get out and explore the two towns in which I hoteled - not much, but the most I could do given the work load.

The church next to our hotel.

On Tuesday, I got a chance to take a walk through Dumfries. It was nice, except that I couldn't escape one of my coworkers who I was hoping to leave behind. He was less interested in exploring, and more interested in the local pub. We compromised and saw the Robert Burns museum, then went for a few beers at The New Bazaar. Let me tell you, Scottish IPA is a lot different than American IPA.

Burnsy and I. I tried unsuccessfully to steal that hat.

On Wednesday, we drove back up to Edinburgh to prepare for our early Thursday flight. I convinced my 2 fellow associates to take the bus with me into downtown Edinburgh for dinner. We didn't have a lot of time to explore, but it was awesome just to be in the town and check out some of the local people, beers, food, architecture, etc. I did try Haggis, and honestly, it wasn't bad.

Taste the local beer, piss on the local porcelain.

The thing that most shocked me was the Edinburgh Castle. That thing really is the heart of the city. Really breathtaking, and it catches you off guard as you travel into the city on Princes Street. Suddenly it's just there, towering hundreds of feet above you. I suppose that is the biggest thing I always take away from Europe. It has so much more history than the US. Plus I love the public transit and walkability of the place.

I wonder if the rock below the castle is bolted.

Tomorrow, riding with Jan and E-town at a minimum. Should be good to get some more base hours under the belt. Shooting for another 6 hour minimum weekend. Peace out, much love.

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zayne braun said...

i'm glad that i'm not the only one who has noticed jonny's addition. and like you i'm a big fan of the metart or hegreart. the female form is a very beautiful thing.

your most recent post had me snorting pasta out my nose. i'm glad you keep that shizz real.