Saturday, March 31, 2007

3 outta 4...

Well, I shit myself today.

Buddy scrounged me up some toilet paper.

15 minutes in, I thought I had to fart. Turns out there was a little "chamois butt'r" waiting on deck. At first it was pleasant: warm, soft, lubricating. But by 2 hours into the ride, my taint felt like I had been squatting on a cheese grater. It was either that or a chamois/saddle incompatibility issue that led me to bail after riding 3 of the parks in the 4 park tour.

Buddy, Matt, and Les teach me how to ride a bike.

At the top of the boundary trail, I decided I'd head back to the car, so Buddy, Matt, Les, and I stopped for a nice beer. Sly Fox Pils. Hoppy, not too sweet. Just what the good lord intended in a canned beer.

Training for SSWC2007.

They also teach me how to drink.

I pulled off at the ranger station in White Clay, where I ran into FFA and her friend Ted. They tell me the rest of the extended crew, also out for their own romp in the woods, are all going to meet up for lunch. So Jan, E-town, FFA, Monkey, Fatmarc, and friend Ted all provided great company and room-clearing conversation while we schooled some burritos. All in all a great day.

FFA leads the way so she can show us how she got her name.

Time to grab the climbing shoes. The day is still young, and the Coatesville rock gym has some bouldering calling my name.

Jenny helped me start the weekend right with a nice after-work stroll on Friday.


Buddy said...

Nice ride today, Make sure you take care of your condition...


Samantha said...


Ethan said...

Nice job, Robert. At least you didn't puke all over yourself while wearing a leopard print thong.

Anyway, this is Ethan from RPI. I'm racing collegiately at NYU now and I ran into a couple of new guys from RPI at the Beanpot last weekend. They mentioned they were putting together a jersey order and asked if I was interested. I figured you and/or Silas might be interested too. Either way it'd be good to hear from you.

Silas said...

Who's running the club these days? If it's still those dirty mountain bikers I'll wait until next year for a jersey...

Ethan, I read your race reports on roadbikereview, sounds like you're killing it in the Bs. How'd you like the course for the tufts crit? I got blown out the back of that thing so fast 2 years ago...

Ethan said...

I'm not sure who is actually running the show, but the guy I talked to was a freshman named Tim Jansen and he said he designed them. It is his first year racing and he got 2nd in the D crit at Tufts which was pretty impressive. I asked if his design was better than the one's from two years ago and he said definitely, but I haven't actually seen the design yet.

As for my own racing, I wouldn't quite say I'm killing the B's but I'm holding my own which is a lot more than I could have said two years ago. That Tufts crit was absolutely brutal. I think it's made worse by the fact that everyone thinks it's going to be super hard so they are all hauling ass from the gun. For me, a big part of my race was dashing to the front row before the start. There were hardly any real attacks, but the field was just slowly whittled away by gradual attrition, which I've never really seen before. As I said in my RBR report, I was just really glad to make it to the end of the race with the main group and I don't think I could have made it if the pace was any harder. Actually, since I was pretty much at threshold the entire time, that is almost definitely true.

Also, I will likely be at Lawrence Livermore Labs this summer (pending security clearance) so we should try to meet up for some rides.

p.s. Sorry to all of Robert's non-RPI cycling friends for hijacking this thrilling blog entry.