Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why do Scottish men wear kilts?

Because sheep can hear a zipper drop from a mile away.

That is the only Scottish joke I have ever heard, but damned if I now understand why. There are more sheep here than women, at least from what I've seen so far. Ok, no more beastiality jokes.

After a kickass weekend of riding in blustery winter conditions, I hopped on the red-eye flight to Edinburgh via Frankfurt. Surprisingly, the snow storm blowing into Philly didn't delay the flight too badly. Aside from the de-icing fluid they sprayed in the ventilation air intake, it was an uneventful and easy flight out. That de-icer sure sucks to breathe in though.

We are staying and working around Dumfries Scotland. It is beautiful here, and I am trying to take pictures, but who knows how they will turn out. We are actually staying at a hotel on a college campus that was formerly an 19th century insane asylum.

Sadly, my associates that I am traveling with are more excited about the hotel bar then exploring the local area, so my exposure has been limited to the 2 hour drive from the airport and to a run I went on yesterday. Speaking of driving, it is very unsettling being on the left side of the road, and my associate doing the driving is neither comfortable nor skilled at the task. The worst part is, there is no shoulder anywhere, I don't know how or where people ride their bikes. Maybe this is why there are no famous Scottish road cyclists.

Work is going well, travel is good and bad at the same time, I apologize for the shitty entry, but the food here is wreaking havoc on my guts.


airing out said...

you are in scottland and only seeing the inside of the hotel bar?!?!!? ditch your associates immediately.

Anonymous said...

David Millar doesn't count?

robert said...

ahh yeah, Millar. Anonymous: 1. Robert: 0. It's still hard to believe he ever did his training in Scotland without risking life and limb.

Anonymous said...

Q: What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?

A: Lipstick, on a good day.

robert said...

now i can't wait to go to scotland in august...