Friday, February 09, 2007

I feel like someone crapped in my lungs. I've been coughing since Tuesday and the phlegm has spread from my lungs up into my sinuses. So it's two times the fun! I took a 1/2 day at work yesterday, but couldn't today because of a meeting. Lame.

So no riding this weekend. Maybe some climbing, which is good because I have definitely lost a lot of ground there lately. But mostly, the plan is to lay low. Watch some movies. Look at my road bike which is now pimped in a SRAM Force tuxedo. and of course wish I was doing the extended donut ride. Fuckin'-a being sick sucks. But I really have nothing about which to complain. There are much tougher hands dealt to better people than I:

Liz is doing well from what I hear. I wish I could go visit, but I do not want to get her sick. The last thing she needs is a cold. Here's to a speedy recovery, and to having 1.25 lungs that I'm sure will have greater capacity than my 2 lungs by this time next year.

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airing out said...

feel better!

I'll be climbing on Sunday and possibly Saturday night.