Saturday, February 17, 2007

My other bike is a sled...

Went out last night in Newark to see the Hockers off to NY. It is sad to see them go, but they will be very happy living in Troy, and a little bit of me is jealous that they will be back in the North. After happy hour at the Deer Park, JF, Mike, and myself headed down the street to Klondike Kate's. We walk in, start up the stairs to the upper bar, and JF trips me by grabbing my knee from behind me. I fall back down the stairs and stumble into a couple people. Apparently that is enough to get you kicked out of Kate's. Three ugly mugs carried me out the back door as I laughed my ass off.

Today met up with Paul, Tom, Jan, Lisa (big deal) at the MAC champion household. I pulled my cross bike out of the quiver. It has not been ridden since racing at Reston. It was looking far too shiny since I cleaned and polished it. We decided to do a little snow/road ride. The development we rode from had not been plowed at all, and the snow had packed to an icy sheen. It was a blast slipping and sliding all over the road. I definitely took a spill trying to do a burnout with my rear tire.

Lisa and some blindingly white snow.

We rode for about 2 hours, in and out of the snow and slush. It was a blast, and the highlight was coming home. We passed through Rockford Park in Wilmington and there were a bunch of people sledding. Tom decides to bomb the icy packed sledding hill on his bike, and of course Jan and Paul follow. I have no option at this point, so I point the front wheel down and go. It was bumpy, sketchy, slippery, and awesome. Everyone just stared, and one lady took a picture.

After the ride we hit up Moe's for some tasty burritos, and I got a chance to tell the story about the time I dove across a game of beer pong in just a speedo. Good times. Damn it feels good to be healthy again.

Props to Paul, who set me up with his prototype coffee table. It needs a little love, but some sand paper and urethane should give me a pimp looking table.

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airing out said...

I'm on phase two of being sick. This is also known as the yellow snot phase. Tomorrow I fully expect to be coughing blood. I'll be at GV around 4:30 if you want to laugh at my weakness.