Friday, January 12, 2007

A short one...

Went for the first night ride in a while last night with fatmarc and Etown. It's a lot of fun riding at night, but last night I was feeling all sorts of jammed up. My lower back was still (is still) really tight from the amount of post-drinking riding at Fair Hill on Sunday.

As much as I'm sorry that marc is suffering through his 10 day diet, I was glad he couldn't put the hurt on last night. And E-town's failing freewheel put an early end to the ride. I was happy for the excuse to stop. I know that's not the attitude of someone who wants to ride well this next season, yet there I was toast after 1 hour. Totally disappointed with myself.

Afterwards I went to JF's house to play hearts and drink some fine beer. A bottle of Smuttynose IPA (one of my top 3 beers) and a Chicory Stout from Dogfish head. I will have to try that one again, but early reports from the tastebuds are positive. This is why I didn't resolve to not drink beer during the week for the New Year. Plus, Buddy does it, and he's an animal.

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