Saturday, January 06, 2007


Everyone else is doing it: the New Year's Resolutions. I f-ing hate resolutions because most of the time they are bullshit. Unattainable, ridiculous goals that people make because they hold out hope that they can merely WILL self improvement. I'm just as guilty, especially when there are donuts, cheesecake, or copious amounts of delicious beer put in front of me.

That's why this year, I'm taking a note from corporate jargonism, and setting a SMART goal. That's right, SMART. That's

The old, stupid me would say: "I want to eat healthier, lose weight, and train more." NO. Not anymore. The SMART me has laid forth these 2 goals thus far:
  1. Do not eat any food that I do not specifically bring with me to work. This means no donuts, no leftover pizza from a lunch meeting, no candy from the candy bowls. I bring exactly what I need for lunch every day, so there's no reason to eat any more than that. Especially when it's the trash that sits around my office.
  2. No more picking the cuticles of my nails. This silly, unnecessary habit leads to really beat up looking hands, and my hands allow me to do most everything I enjoy. Climbing, riding, building shit, scratching the hairier parts of my body. This may not seem like a SMART goal, but look a little closer. It is when you look at your cuticles. It's amazing how fast they heal, and how much healthier my hands look. That alone makes this a measurable, specific goal.
If you see me breaking either of these call me on it like Blondie. I want to add a couple more goals pertaining to creating something (see this post), and training for biking and climbing. But these need some definition. They need to be attainable and specific so I will know when I have succeeded.

My one ridiculous goal that is in the real spirit of things is to cut down on the mid-week drinking. It's not that I drink heavily, but 1 or 2 drinks a night adds up. Suddenly it's Friday and I'm thinking, man this is my 10th, 11th beer this week. I love beer and margaritas and gin and tonics. I don't love the empty calories and dehydration. I look to blog-friend (maybe sometime climbing friend) Slockwoo for support, as I saw her post about a similar goal.


airing out said...

Yeah, the mid week beer thing was the hardest. So far for the first week, I didn't drink on Monday or Wednesday! It's a start.... I didn't drink at home any day except for Thursday... but preparing for funerals is an exception. I wish you the best of luck!

robthomas said...

Thanks! I also caved on Thursday without excuse. Card games require beer. That is why it is not an official resolution, but a New Year's Effort.