Sunday, January 07, 2007


New Year's Resolution #3: Stop sucking at mountain bike handling. This will be accomplished by getting my ass kicked by the Tuesday Night Titans at Middle Run/White Clay. I will know I have succeeded when I can hang with Todd, Marc, Buddy et al at Fair Hill. Timetable: by SSWC07.

Yesterday met up with a bunch of the DCCofD at Marc and Diane's house for a fixed gear road ride. I brought Ghetto Prom and my road bike in case the 40 x 15 gearing on GP was too low. Turns out it was just right, but when I went to adjust my seat height, I sheared the rusted out seatpost clamp bolt. Looks like it was road ride for me while all the fixies got to have all the fun. It was a good ride, a little dirty, but fun nonetheless.

Ghetto Prom now has 38c tires and a new seatpost clamp bolt.

I headed home afterward to get some chores done - namely installing more RideOn cable prototypes and a little cleaning. But then headed back over to DCCofD end o' year party. There was lots of good food, an amazing spread of good beer, and great people. I got pretty tipsy, and crashed on marc and diane's couch.

This morning 21 of us regrouped and headed out for a 2 hour ride in Fair Hill. Lets just say it's the reason I have 3rd resolution. E-town, Paul, and myself got the worst of it, we were so shattered by the end of the ride that we walked the last climb. Fuck going to 2:1 gearing. That can wait. It was worth it to hear a nameless angry German roadie try to ride the more technical stuff on his mountain bike.

What a great weekend. I love this community.


nathan said...

SSWC07. I'm so in. Get your shit together, 'cause I think you just made a committment for some of your vacation time in 07.

by the way, when are we gonna see some ride-on prototypes out here for some product testing, I need some new brake cables for the gunnar.

robthomas said...

Awesome. I think MJ is in as well. That would be a kickass contigent. As for cables, think summer...

mail order said...

Yeah dude, I don't quite get the 2:1 stuff. I just put a 34x22t on my niner. Kinda low, but good for the mud. Makes me wish I had a tad lower for general riding.

Plus, you were riding fine dude. I think you were just kinda tired. I had a good time on your wheel later in the ride.