Saturday, January 27, 2007

My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo...

So back to my insular life - did a kickass donut ride today with E-town, Dan the man, Paul, Lisa, and Dennis. E-town and I rolled from Henry's to meet up with the crew. We rode, bullshitted, ate some fucking awesome donuts washed down with my patented cocoa-coffee blend, and rolled home. All in all close to 3 hours on the bike. This base is what I'll need for 12 hours of Lodi and SSWC07.

Speaking of, I've got tingles in my spine... it's coming.......... SSWC07:
official site

I think I may be able to swing a biz trip to pay for the plane ticket. PIMP.

p.s. I got this coffee on sale at ACME a couple days ago: Brown Gold. I tried the two dark roasts - Simien Mountain Blend and South American Midnight. Both very tasty. Plus they are organic (though I saw no mention of Fair Trade). And they donate money to animal protection societies with every purchase.


MtotheJ said...

maybe we can represent at sswc07 with the jerseys i just finished. e-mailin them to pabst tomorrow.

airing out said...

Are you climbing tonight?