Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I love you man's returned...

Not to turn this whole Mid-Atlantic bike blog scene into a Hugh Grant film, but there is one award that went unmentioned in this year's Fatmarc Grammys.

Leader of the Year Award

I don't think he would call himself the leader of the DCCofD, and the very same 'Cult of Rik' is certainly not named for him, but I can't think of anyone that has kept the DCCofD on track as much as fatmarc. I'm speaking for myself, but I'd wager that my words could just as easily come from a majority of Delaware / MidAtlantic Riders.

It's not just the hope that he'll make you infamous in the pages of his blog. It's not that he is the strongest rider in the area. It's not the hope that a gust of wind will blow the changing poncho around in an enticing manner.

Marc leads by example. He gives 110% at practice, 125% at races. He leaves his guts on the ground during competition. He supports his teammates with some of the most boisterous, sometimes expletive peppered cheers during races. He works for what he gets.

Seeing someone put themselves as far in the basement as FM does to finish in the top ten of a MAC killer B race is the definition of motivation. There are no huge trophies, no cash prizes, no exogenous testosterone, no staring into the void of Bob Roll's diastema, no podium girls. There is only the love for riding, the satisfaction that comes with perseverance, and the fulfillment derived from small improvements in self performance. I admire Marc's tenacity, intensity, love for his wife, friends, and teammates, and skills on two wheels.

A small anecdote to wrap this up: at 12 O'Muchy this year, my teammate and I were severely under prepared for the torrential rains and knee deep mud. Not only did Tom McD (Den Mother of the Year award) and the Spot Brand Whores take us under their wing, but they destroyed the 2 - Man team field for a Winning Tie. My clearest memory was pedaling squares through some hub-deep peanut butter to have FatMarc and Matt come flying by. I was thinking that I was moving as fast as I could, but seeing them push through and suffer lit a fire under my fat ass. I was only able to hang with them for a mile and a half, but that was my fastest lap of the day.


fatmarc said...

wow man, thanks. I appreciate that... I'm blushing...


airing out said...

Hey, did you hear about the rock gym opening in Bear Delaware next month? It looks pretty cool. Pretty close to you too, no?

gwadzilla said...

you guys are a cult