Friday, January 12, 2007

Cigarette Butts

On my way home from work today (yes the earlier post was from work), I tried to make a difference.

I hate litter. It disgusts me enough that so much unnecessary waste ends up in a landfill, a result of our over-consuming lifestyle. But at least it is contained and accounted for. Pending the occasional leak into the ground water or the gas from burning methane, landfills are the best we can do without changing our ways as a society. Littering is just unnecessary, and is a sign of laziness, disregard for anyone but one's own self, and a sign of complete disrespect for the world in which we have to survive.

Worst of all litter is the cigarette butt. It is insidious. It is everywhere. Street gutters, outside the entrance of your office... I bet you could find one in your front yard. They could be so easily taken care of, as EVERY CAR has an ashtray. But no, they are ALWAYS flicked out of the car window. I've even seen cops do it. Throwing a Happy Meal bag out of one's car almost seems more justified, because it's big, bulky, and greasy, and it doesn't fit in the ashtray. There is just no excuse for the cigarette butt.

Anyway, on the way home, the passenger in a car in front of me, one lane over, flicked her butt out the window and rolled it back up. With a green light, I sped up next to them and stared her down. She smiled at first, then I shook my head disapprovingly. The smile disappeared. I took two fingers to my lips, pantomiming a puff on a cig, then flicked the imaginary filter out my car window. I shook my head one more time and then looked back to the road.

I hope she got the point.

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Evan Carroll said...

hahaha great story!

those fuckers