Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back on track...

After my super angsty post the other day regarding my lack of initiative in saving the world, I took a step forward and contacted Urban Bike Project of Wilmington. They sound, in a lot of ways, very similar to Troy Bike Rescue. A non-profit aimed at promoting self-sufficiency in all things bike, they are currently looking for a place to call home. I am hoping to meet with them next week to get involved at some level.

In other news, the Euro Procycling season has begun with Boonen taking 2 stages in a row in the Tour of Qatar. There was also some pretty funny drama in yesterday's sprint finish. Graeme Brown took out Tom Steels with a swerve in the sprint. From cyclingnews.com:

According to Robert Förster of Gerolsteiner, Steels went up to Brown, showed him his broken collarbone and spoke his mind, calling the Australian, among other things "a Kamikaze." According to Sportwereld.be, Steels yelled at him, "You f**king idiot! It's always the same with you!"

"Brown didn't react," Förster wrote on his website, robert-foerster.de. "Steels was shouting as loud as he could, 'Go home!' At the same time another rider stood up, clapped and yelled, too, 'Go home!' Then the room went crazy, everybody stood up and yelled 'Go home!'"

Ahh, finally I can return to the sissy slap fight that is Euro-Pro. I was getting sick of reading nothing but fingerpointing, unsubstantiated rumors, and unprovable accusations of doping. Half of them are doped, half of them are clean. I don't even care anymore, but at least they are still humans - and our species loves to create drama.

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