Saturday, December 16, 2006

My life be like...

Good times. Thursday we had another "team-building" event at work. For those who haven't figured this out yet, team-building at my company is synonymous with alcohol. This time, our tech team piled into our lab tech's RV, consumed alcohol, and drove 2.5 hours up to Pottsville PA to the Yuengling Factory. We got the private, after hours tour. It was pretty cool, but I was disappointed by two things:
  • Yuengling is made with corn as its primary malt!! CORN!! Like enough shit in the US isn't corn based.
  • Yuengling beers, even the porter, are all less than 4% ABV. Weak.
They did have a pretty bad-ass cave under the factory and we went out for Italian food afterwards. Better than half a day in the office I suppose.

Friday morning I got up super f'ing early to go to a Gore Bike Wear factory sale. I scored big:
  • 7 Gore-tex (Pac-lite and XCR) jackets (some of these were favors)
  • 2 Windstopper vests
  • 3 pairs bib shorts
  • 2 pairs Windstopper arm warmers
  • 2 pairs Windstopper leg warmers
  • 1 Gore-tex helmet cover
  • 1 pair Gore-tex winter bike gloves
  • 1 pair Gore-tex sock covers
  • 1 pair half-finger gloves.
Total cost: $270. That's like one Gore-tex jacket at normal cost!

Yesterday, went to see Rainer Maria after work. They were really pretty good, but they didn't mix up the set list too much - it was mostly a mellow show. The band that opened was really tight musically, but they sang like shit, and their lyrics were 6th grade teenage angst. For Christ's sake, the lead singer had a wedding ring but was singing about break ups.

I'm missing nationals right now, and the weather is making me regret that even more. I talked briefly with fatmarc, who said everyone is having fun and the mid-Atlantic is throwing down. Ryan Leech won his race. I miss cross already, but I did get in 50 miles on the road today, so here's to getting the base miles back.

much love.

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