Sunday, December 03, 2006

'cross is boss.

Today's sub-par performance wraps up, for me, what has been an awesome introduction to a sport I now call home - cyclocross.

The DCCofD met up at the fatmarc/chunky monkey lair at 6 this morning in the frigid dark, and hit the road for Reston (strange planned community outside of DC) for the final race in the MAC series. After warming up, and feeling pretty good, and liking the course after three pre-ride laps I headed to the start line. After a botched start-gun thanks to official/race promoter confusion, the C men were off. I had an awesome start on the asphalt, false-flat uphill, working through about 8 guys in the first 1/2 mile into second wheel.

The first lap felt decent, until Donahue attacked. I followed the attack to keep 2nd wheel, and he proceeded to ride away from me as my legs started to feel like lead. From there on out, every move just seemed impossible to cover, and I started to go backwards. A couple botched remounts and one slide-out later, the race was over, and I was left feeling like an awesome season should not end like this. 10th place, beat by some guys that will push me down a few slots in the MAC overall.

As crappy as I felt riding today, I wouldn't trade it. It was great to be out there with the Coalition. It was great to see them race hard, race well, and finish their MAC season. Paul I. took the B Masters overall, Lisa "big deal" Vible took the 35+ Elite Women overall, Jessica S. took the B women overall. I hear Wes kept the Elite Men overall. And everyone else just raced so well today, all season - so good to see smiles and pain and love and suffering all at the same time.

So much thanks to everyone in the Coalition for the support, training, comeraderie, love, and introduction to the sport this season. I can't wait until next September...


Nathan said...

nice work. cross is crazy tough. the couple races I did when I was back at RPI were just fighting to stay alive.

Cheers to your final race, it's drinkin' season now, so tip back a cold one.

fatmarc said...

so glad to have you in the group.

you had a great season, and will do even better next season.