Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cars R Coffins: Part II

I'm completely disgusted with some of the human beings with which I share this planet. I brought my car into Winner Newark on Sunday night to have it repaired from my recent fender bender. They said they'd have it done today (Wednesday). The list of repairs included the following:
  • replace bumper cover
  • replace grille
  • replace left headlight
  • realign headlight mounts (they were offset about a 1/4 of an inch).
$1400 estimate. Pretty simple.

I go today to pick up the car, and they hand me the paperwork. I know I have a $1000 deductable, so USAA (my insurer) should only be paying out $400. The paper work says I owe nothing and USAA is covering it all. This doesn't make sense so I speak up. Long story short, I do owe $1000, and I saved Winner Newark a bunch of paperwork having to track this down later. Honesty is always the best policy in my book, but as I'm paying, the cashier says: "I wouldn't have said anything!!" Yeah, real nice Winner Newark - you hire the real cream of the crop.

So anyway, I go out to the car to look it over after waiting 20 minutes for them to bring it around. Bumper, check. Grille, check. Headlight, check. Uh oh, what's this? No realignment. Now I would have passed this off as a mistake, but the estimator took pictures of this and put it on the estimate and work order. It's obvious that Winner Newark thought I wouldn't notice and tried to get away without doing the work. I feel slighted so I head back inside.

I explain to the manager, he says "Oh I don't know how we missed that." yeah right. Bull shit. Either way, he sets me up with a free rental for the rest of the day and says come back after work, the car will be ready. Cool, I think, they are going to make good on this.

I get back to Winner Newark after work and the car looks fine. So I head inside to turn in the keys to the rental. I get in my car and first thing I notice is the smell. It was like someone melted tuna using farts for fuel. Whatever, I think, probably just a sweaty mechanic driving it in and out of the garage. Next, I reach for my trusty iPod that I keep hidden neatly under my seat. It's my sole source of music and thus life in my car. No iPod. I think, maybe it just slid farther under the seat, no big deal.

I get home and search high and low, but all that remains of the iPod is the FM transmitter. Proof that the iPod was in the car - I didn't leave it inside at the computer or something. I call Ed, the manager at Winner Newark, and explain the situation. I'm 117 % sure it was stolen by one of his guys/girls. He says, "Let me talk to the tech in the morning." I just hang up. I will call back until it is replaced.

It sucks when your honesty and good faith and patience is rewarded with laziness, greed, theft, and complete lack of consideration for others. Winner Newark has lost almost all points with me, and I am going to call USAA tomorrow and tell them about this incident. My insurance company has done nothing but treat me well for 5 years (and take my money). They should not deal with low-lives who don't deliver on their commitments and steal from their customers.

Time to burn some anger on the trainer...

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