Sunday, December 10, 2006

Back in the saddle...

Well after a week off the bike I did some riding this weekend. Saturday I ended up skipping the final cross practice of the season for fear of setting my cold back in motion. I spun for about an hour on the trainer and watched a fucked up French film called Fat Girl.

Today was incredible... the weather was unbelievable - sunny, 50 degrees - just about the best riding weather possible. I met up with fellow employees Timm, Dave, and JF at Middle Run at 10 am for a romp through Judge Morris, Middle Run, and White Clay. There were a lot of people out there today.

We started out screaming up through Middle Run to the Judge. Judge Morris just begs to be ridden hard and fast... the lines were so open because all the brush is dead for the winter, and the ground was more or less hard and fast all the way around. Long live the Judge. Back in Middle Run we lost Timm and Dave, but JF and I pressed on to do the White Clay loop.

At this point my legs are still feeling awesome. I have an hour's effort dialed into these limbs like no one's business from 3 months of 'cross. So we set into White Clay and I open up the throttle on the first longer climb. JF is keeping up, all is good. We come to the second climb, and JF starts to fade. I wait at the top and he needs a little breather. Turns out he hit the sauce pretty hard last night in Philly, and his body decided to punish him for his insolence. He pays back some of the oxygen debt and we are off again.

John (JF), left, in undated file photo.

We get to the top of the next longer climb, where it opens up into fields again, and JF is off the back. I wait at the top and he says "I think I'm gonna boot." Sure as shit, he bends over, drops the bike, and splatters some dry grass with a watery post-party shower. He takes a seat, turns to his right and lets another stream flow forward. He lays down at this point, semi-laughing, semi-wretching and turns to let one more river of vomit flow forth. Laughing, he says, "I'm such a tool..." I just congratulated him and said this was exactly why he should consider going to SSWC07 in Scotland in August. John, I'm proud of you buddy, way to pull through and suffer.

It felt so good to be on the singlespeed again, I just need to keep these longer rides going to get the base miles back up.

much much love.

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