Sunday, November 05, 2006


Pretty good weekend all things considered. Went up to Go Vertical on Friday night for some indoor climbing with Julie, Timmy, and Rachel. 3 days in 1 week has got to be good for the forearms. Then I made the mistake of going out in Wilmington with Dave from work. I got way too loaded and blew half my stomach into the toilet at the end of the night. Needless to say, half of Saturday was shot, and I think the boozin' had some negative effects on the old legs at the race today.

Fun race, down in Sykesville MD, the DCCofD caravan left the Iron Skillet at 6.30 am. We got to the venue really early and scoped out the course - a fast grass/asphalt blend with 3 short, steep ass-kickers followed by a grindy false flat, a steep run-up with a barrier, and a lot of straightaways. I had an awesome start, spending the first two laps solo off the front before the legs started cramping (residuals from Friday night I'm guessing). I ended up holding on for 4th, and the guy who took 3rd can kiss my ass. He sat on my wheel for 3 laps and attacked with 200 meters to go. Commendable, smart racing - but he didn't have to come rub it in my face after the race and then mention he normally races B-Men but "was feeling a little sick today." Sandbagging son-of-a-bitch. Thanks for the cheers DCCofD.

DCCofD representin':
Matt N. rode really well to take 2nd in our race (C-Men).
Blair and Rick took 2 and 3 in the Master's race - with Rick taking the win in the MABRA series jersey.
Lisa Vible took 2nd in the A-Women to win the MABRA series jersey.
Mike Connair raced in 2 races because he likes to suffer more than me.

Now for some videos:

2 more:

much love.

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