Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My apartment smells like rich mahogany

A little worried about my mom - waiting on some med. test results - and on a friend I heard was just diagnosed with cancer... They are on my mind and I am confident and hoping for the best possible outcomes in both situations. But it is still unsettling.

That aside... good day. week. life. The election yesterday worked out perfectly in every way. I guess Virginia's senate seat is still unofficial, but Jim Webb seems to have 7,000 votes on incumbant George Allen... 1/3 of a percent of the vote is going to decide this race. But it is going to swing control of the Senate - and of Congress as a whole - to the Dems. I love it. And then, icing on the cake - Rumsfeld is resigning! I love seeing the GOPers already chopping each other's fingers off. PASS THE BUCK! SHIFT THE BLAME!! Let's just hope the new guy, former CIA head who probably condones torture, is not any worse.

Cross practice was a lot of fun tonight. I was considering not going, because of some pressing work due tomorrow, but I went. 36 hours of steady rain could only mean a mudfest. My first 2 efforts felt really bad, the remnants of yesterday's run were clogging up my legs. But I started to warm up for the final 3 efforts, and aside from the golf ball chunks of mud in my eyes, I really enjoyed sliding around in the muck.

I also concentrated hard on improving my remount tonight. Wes and I had joked at Race Pace on Sunday about how god-damn clunky I am getting back on the bike. It's really true. Rather than gracefully swinging my leg around and over the bike and merely setting my butt on the saddle, I feel the need to launch myself into orbit before crashing onto the saddle. Really pretty amusing to watch:

And better yet, Jan told me at practice that I'm officially 2nd overall in points in the final standings of the MABRAcross series! I haven't seen it yet, but that's a pretty satisfying finish to my debut cross season. I owe it to the DCCofD.

Now it's back to work... I promised I'd never bring work home with me... and here I am.

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Evan said...

You getting on your bike=good image I think I need to be alone now. . .
I just caught up on your blogging. . . enjoyed it. . . thanks. Did you switch to the "new" blogger. . . or just change your look?