Sunday, November 12, 2006

Highland Park Cross Report

Drove up north of Trenton today for the Highland Park CX race. I was motivated to do well to improve my weekend which has been up and down, and to earn some more MAC points, even though I'll only be doing 1 of the 3 remaining MAC races. The weather report was grim, supposed to rain all day, so I prepared for the muddiest of conditions.

The DCCofD caravan roller up there in nothing but fog and arrived without rain. I chamois-up and hit the course for 3 preride laps. The course was really fun, with a nasty uphill after the start that was in nothing but soft semimud grass. This led to a short descent, into a super muddy uphill chicane section that almost everyone ended up running, then continued in an asphalt climb to the descent section. The course twisted around down hill into another flat mud pit and then some straight-away sections into some mulch. Then the barriers - pretty fast ones - and back to the start.

I prerode the course with singlespeeder and worthy opponent Peter Dalkner of Trophy Bikes. He won yesterday's race so we were both hoping to work together with our used legs to podium again.

The race begins with a mass start of the Master Bs and the Men's C racers together. One C guy must have slipped away among the Bs because we never knew this guy was gone. Peter and I get the front pretty quick and are in the top 10 overall. We work together for the first two laps and pass a fair amount of the Bs in front of us - except Paul I who kicked ass, was never caught, and won. We are leading together when another guy sneaks around us and just keeps on going - we can't close the gap for the life of us.

I lose Peter's wheel in the 3rd lap on the climb, and I never manage to bridge back up. I'm thinking "OK, ride smart, ride your own race, you have 3rd at least clinched if you don't blow up." Our nice start had given us a comfortable lead so I motored home about 30 seconds behind Peter. Of course I never realized that one dude was never behind us, so 4th place it was (after a slight scoring snafu). Peter rode really well, and we should both move up in the overall MAC standings.

I do not know how much of the DCCofD did today: I left early to get home and start dealing with insurance crap... But I know Paul I won the Master Bs, and E-town and fatmarc both had top 15 (I think) performances in the Killer Bs.

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