Sunday, November 26, 2006

fat and sassy

Of course a reference to Don Hertzfeldt, who sadly won't let you watch movies on his site anymore. Go here instead:

Anyway, just finished unpacking, doing laundry, and all the shit that follows a good trip somewhere. In this case I visited the Laudon clan in Rhode Island. They are in many ways a "family jr." to me and it was really good to see them all, especially two of my best friends.

We, of course, ate a lot of food and drank a lot of booze. But other highlights included some gym climbing, touring the Newport Storm brewery (and drinking a lot of their delicious beer for free), seeing the new Bond movie, visiting the Griffin Mfg factory - the Laudon family business, and playing a lot of cards. Of course with booze comes a little card game known as Asshole. For those not familiar, it is a game in which alcohol is combined with luck and hierarchical rules created on the fly to make others drink more or look like a dope. There were small children present, so we called it Butthead, but of course my antics led to a new name for the game: 'Robert'.

The highlight here was when Jenny said to Silas about his particularly shitty hand: "Man you really took it in the Robert." Nothing but love.

Anyway, I miss my friends, but no Thanksgiving with the Thomas clan has me excited to see them over Christmas. As for the bike, I have one more race this season in Reston on Sunday. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out, as I have been off the bike for a week or so now, and I will miss practice Wednesday due to an overnight trip to Houston (shittiest city in North America). Oh well...

I can't wait to start getting back to long rides and base miles. Change of pace, burning of more holiday calories.

much love

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