Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fakesgiving and NY State CX Champs

Drove up to Troy NY last Thursday night to visit lots of friends and do a little cross racing. I called in sick Friday morning, unconvincingly at best, and still managed to get some work done from my favorite coffee shop in the world on Friday.

But back to Thursday.... I knew I was in for a world of PBR hurt because I was chillin' with MJ, Sam, Nate, and Justin. MJ and I once invented our own game of "PBR Darts", so first on the agenda was a 30-rack of the golden beer of the gods, a dart board, and some darts. We played with some new rules, some old, but the end result was the same: drunken fun. Then those fuckers stole my phone and made some people in my phone book very uncomfortable. Good times.

MJ and the rules.

One rule of PBR Darts pertains to the storage of empty cans.

Friday I did some work, some slacklining, visited the old work study area and then headed down to Will and Steph's house to see the old Haus crew. The normal course of events led to the creation of this:
in response to this:
and much laughter ensued.

Saturday was the annual Fakesgiving - a potluck event involving way too much food, never enough booze, board games, walks around Troy, Mortal Challenge, and great people. I miss those mofos every day we're apart.

Sunday I raced in the Men's B category of the NY State Cross Championships. My first B race, and I finished 8th out 27 - only 1.5 minutes behind the winner! It was awesome - a real mud fest on what would have otherwise been a flat out roadie course. Rosie, Ola, Will, Steph, Rachel, and Danny were all there yelling for me which fucking ruled. I saw some old friendly faces from the NY bike scene. And Will took some awesome pictures.

A great weekend with great people, and thanks to E-town for not outing me on the sick day.

No bike until after Thanksgiving, which will be in Newport RI with the Laudon family. More great people I look forward to seeing!

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