Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cars R Coffins

You'd think my 3rd place finish at the Lower Allen Classic cross race today would be the highlight of my weekend so far... Sadly the car accident on the way home is the most memorable and frustrating part of my day.

After we got back to Newark from the race in Harrisburg area, E-town, Fatmarc, Diane, Fitzy, Jan and I went to Klondike Kate's for some eats. Good times were had by all, and then I headed back to Fitzy's place to pick up my car from the day's carpool. Heading home from Fitzy's to my place, I got into a fender bender. Here's how it went down:

I'm sitting at a red light in the farthest left straight lane, and there's a car next to me in the left turn lane. Suddenly the car's passenger door flys open and I see a pair of legs trying to exit the vehicle. The driver, an angry looking guy, grabs the passenger in a headlock/chokehold while her legs are still hanging out of the car. Their left turn signal turns green and he tears off with the lady's legs still hanging out of the car. I was so shocked and flustered and confused and cyclocross-brained that I just pressed the gas while the cars to my left cruised forward. Of course, my light is still red, and the oncoming guy has a left turn signal in front of me. So I slam on my brakes, but it is too late and the middle of my bumper gets an intimate look at this dude's right front bumper.

Thankfully it was low speed. Everyone was safe, the airbags didn't go off, and it just looks like some body damage to both cars. The state popo was a real dick about the whole thing - took like 45 minutes to show up, is filled with some kind of attitude (like either me or the other driver wanted to be there) and then he gives me a summons for disregarding a red light. $104.50 on top of my $1000 deductable. Salt n' lemon in the wound. I don't even want to know how much my insurance will go up. So much for a completely squeaky clean driving record and nice, new maintenance free car.

I don't know what to do about the summons. Should I contest it??? The accident is going to rack up my insurance enough as it is.

Race report:

Felt awesome when I got out of bed this morning. I was ready to race and I was excited the whole way up to Harrisburg. Line up at the start, decent position, and the gun goes off. We tear off on the prologue loop and I move up through the front of the field into the top 8. The course is super technical, damp, and off camber for the first half, and I manage to pick off all of the contenders except Peter who was racing super-strong on his singlespeed. He's a fast man. I'm sitting in second until someone bridges up to me with 3 laps to go. He attacks me, and I cover the jump and just sit on his wheel. He is stronger in the climbs but I am attacking in every turn because I can see he is weak there. He gets around me again and I decide to sit on his wheel.

With a lap and a half to go, I push a little too hard through an off camber turn and lay the bike down. I'm up and riding in no time, but it was all the other dude needed to attack. He put in 100 meters right there and that was the race. 1st to a super-strong Peter who did nothing but increase his lead the whole race, 2nd to the guy on the Specialized, and 3rd to me. I'll take it. Until tomorrow, much love.

P.S. the DCCofD rocked out hard today as well... I don't know exact results, but they will appear.


Rosie said...

Robert, an accident! I'm so glad you are ok. I think you should contest the ticket. Did the cop know about that asshole being fresh with that woman, and then driving away with her legs out the door?! Someone should know about that, and that guy should be punished. To see that would have gotten me so angry too, and I would have wanted to do anything to stop it also.

You're wonderful for caring about what was happening. So just know that.

fatmarc said...

racing was great, but I was really happy you weren't hurt in your car crash. I thought you were joking when you told me about it.