Thursday, November 16, 2006

Best. Practice. Ever.

Reposted from the DCCofD email list... this is why I love the Coalition. From Jan:

Fellow DCCoDers:

let me be the first to thank everyone for last night's practice. Although it wasn't even clear whether I could make it out there (it's obviously not Rabbit season), I'm glad I could get a lift from RobThomas (no, not that talentless ....) one of the safest drivers around - he's currently ranked number two behind Amy.

We unloaded the bikes and glided over the fresh clean pastures of the park. It was beautiful. The stars sparkled, the moon illuminated even the most obscure spots of the loop, the air was warm and fresh, not even a whiff of dog poop, especially not in the corner at the lamp post. It just seemed to me that the riding was completely effortless last night.

But the love went beyond the riding. The members of the DCCoD all pooled their various talents to share with the others. Lisa (of Mabra championship fame) gave some helpful tips on how todeal with the paparazzi that keep following her around after the interview. Afterwards she signed autographs for everyone that had something to write on (it looks great next to that Calvin Klein stitching on the briefs ;) ).

Matt Neugewhat? held a brief clinic on courteous, friendly conversation in the parking lot, and how to defuse tense situations with eastern spiritualism, before heading off in his environmentally clean zero emission vehicle (I swear, the air smelled better coming out of that tail pipe).

Marc, yet again, surprised us by having dropped at least another five pounds since last week, (you didn't think it was possible) and explained to everyone the secret to lasting weight loss while still eating belgian chocolate.

Gunky Monkey aka the Chuck Norris of the small chainring, let it all out last night. She got a front row call-up, gunned it from the start, and got the holeshot, leaving everyone else in her dust and the realization that the true killer-Bs are estrogen powered.

Tom McDaniel offered free water heater inspections to everyone who would help paint flowers and/or pink flamingos on theBigGreenTruck(TM). Finger paint was spread around and to the sound ofScott McKenzie we spread the love. The night was over all too soon, and as the sun rose in the east, we shared a bottle of tanning lotion in a vain effort to become as goodlooking and fast as the incredible Wes.

Thank you all, Jan

Jan in his element

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