Tuesday, October 17, 2006

truly lucky...

JF and I carpooled up to the Philly rock gym today as we do most Tuesday nights. During the ride home we started discussing our respective futures. Both of us have similar philosophies: do what you love to do, commit as much to it as you possibly can, and when a hard decision comes your way - just pull the trigger - nothing is permanent if you pick the wrong road in the fork.

This got me thinking about my future - and about how truly priveleged I really am. But back to the first point. There are two things I really love to do with my free time. #1 is easy - it's pretty much all I blog about, and lately, all I've been doing with my weekends - riding my fuckin' bike. #2 is a close second: climbing. This past year or so I've really split my time between the two, and as a result, have not really grown by leaps and bounds in either. As long as I have this sordid love affair, I'll never find true nirvana.

The options are obvious if not easy to consider.
  1. Give up climbing, at least for the most part, and just ride ride ride. This season has been a stake in the ground. After leaving the road racing scene, I've embarked in both endurance mountain bike racing and cyclocross - and I'm deeply enamoured with both. I know that if I replaced climbing time with riding time, and really took advantage of the depth of talent in this area, I could really start to show some solid results. Plus I love the scene. So much support, love, ball-busting, and beer... how can I even consider #2:
  2. Dedicate to climbing. I know if I put the amount of commitment into climbing that I have been giving to cycling these last couple years, I could be sending 12s in no time. This would kick ass except for the fact that I'm on the flattest part of the East Coast known to man - a flat part with a kick ass bike scene (see #1). This option only seems truly plausible if I were to pull the trigger and find a way to move west - something most of you know has been on my mind on and off for the last 2 years.
Right now I'm inclined to stick with #1. Bikes have always been there for me and will always continue to turn a shitty day golden. Plus there's so much love and respect for the midatlantic bike scene. But this brings me back to my original point #2 - being priveleged.

As I said to JF (who is having similar east coast/west coast dilemmas) in the car... how fucking lucky are we to have our hardest decision be: bike or climb?? There are people in this world, in this country, in the neighborhood next to mine and yours, that would give anything just to work their fingers to the bone to feed the family. There are people with failing health and failing bodies and failing minds and failing lives.

and then here I am. Sitting here blogging on a $1300 piece of shit computer with fingers sore from fake rock and legs stinging from pedaling. and it all feels so good.

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Wonder Weasel said...

Hey... I hear your dilemma. I ended up giving up climbing for the most part, well anything over a 5.10 (aka 5.11 in the yuppie climbing gyms) or a V3. My legs are too damn heavy and my upper body is too wimpy and I just don't climb enough.

That said, I to love climbing but I found I never got the same endorphin kick as I do after a long ride or an intense CX race.

I love blowing out the lung butter!