Friday, October 06, 2006

On one gear:

Carl Decker is a pro mountain biker... and a good one at that. He likes to ride singlespeed, especially in Short Track XC races, which is badass given the speed at which they occur. He pushes "-1" (i.e. 2 to 3 teeth bigger gearing than fatass me). All this is cool but somewhat unexciting.

Here is why I really like Carl Decker - in order to ride singlespeed on his Giant team bike with vertical dropouts, he MacGyverizes the shit out of it:
"I cut the derailleur hangers off. My magic system for getting the right chain tension involves starting with a handful of [used] chains with different stretches and a bunch of chainrings. To get that perfect tension without any of those little do-hickeys and with these non-horizontal dropouts, you just have to take the hour or two hours to find the perfect combination. I've done it a bunch of times."
Read the article here, and see his sweet, retarded-light bike below:

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