Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The liver...

is the only organ that can regenerate itself. This is of great importance to me as I spent the last week beating on my liver like it owed me money.

As it turns out, Interbike is awesome and makes me wish I was independently wealthy. Vegas is Disneyworld for adults, with strippers in place of Mickey. I am generally an idiot for not remembering my camera. Lucky for you Nathan Friedman did, and soon he should have pictures like this one posted:

Let me enlighten you on some highlights:
  • Arrived in Vegas Tuesday night at nine and had dinner with a business associate. Decided to go to bed at 11.30 to prepare for a long work day Wednesday. Phone call from FFA tells me otherwise, and head to the Doubledown Saloon for a Pedro's party. Leave for a strip bar around 1. Lap dances and drinking continues until 3.30 am when I decide to head home.
  • Wednesday work all day, then had dinner with them at Tao where we saw Dennis Rodman in a dress.

  • Thursday morning headed to the show for more meetings until 2. Then the fun begins. Meet up with Nathan and FFA to walk the show and get lots of free schwag.
  • Meet George Hincapie, who signs a photo - I then take the photo to Phil Liggett to get him to make a crack about GH's Paris-Roubaix crash and sign it.
  • We start the festivities at the SRAM booth where a Chippendale's dude is serving up cold Sierra Nevada on draght.
  • Nathan and I head to the Kona/IMBA fundraising bowling tourney with the crew from AZ Bikes and throw down for 24 MGDs to start off the night right. We break the bowling lane so many times that the dudes at the alley have to show us how to fix it (see photo above).
  • A bunch of us head to Nine Fine Irishmen at NY NY casino and drink a lot of Guinness.
  • A race vs. Nathan up a down-escalator leaves my knee bleeding and swollen.
  • I stay up until my 6 am flight and head to Philly to head to Troy for RPI recruiting.
  • Total sleep for 3 nights in Vegas: 10 hours.
My visit to RPI was also fun. I went to the Ruck and the Irish Mist with some of my greatest friends: Rosie, Will and Steph, Darren, and JOla. The career fair was awesome... a lot of work but fun to be on the other side of the fence. All these kids are so nervous and I just want them to do well. We did meet a lot of solid students with whom I wouldn't mind working.

Saturday night partied with my favorite homewreckers at 1105-2. It was so good to see everyone, I wish I could shrink the distance between us all.

Now it's back into the swing... Cross practice felt great tonight, really cheered me up. Hopefully the race this weekend will go well.

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