Sunday, October 22, 2006

Granogue/Wiss double header

An awesome weekend of racing is now behind me, and my love for cyclocross continues to grow.

Saturday - Granogue.

It was a long day. We showed up at 7 a.m. to find the course tape ripped to shreds by the previous day's windy storm. By 8, we had everything back in order and the 10 a.m. racers got suited up and started warming the legs on the course. All of the lines felt pretty good, though the muddy section leading into the run up was a little messier than during practice.

Anyway, I get to staging a little late and end up in the 4th row of 75-ish racers. The gun fires, and I would say we were off, but the guy next to me misses his clip-in to the pedal and swerves into me. My wheel is lodged between his chainstay and crankarm and we are wrestling to get free. He kicks me to the curb, and I gather myself in time to see the last of the C-men riding away. I drop the hammer and pass probably half the field on the asphalt leading to the grass.

My legs feel great, I know the course from practice, so I am attacking every chance I get. I spend all 5 laps picking off riders one by one and end up finishing around 15th. It wasn't what I hoped for - especially with my legs feeling so good - but after being sent to the ground, I'm happy I made it so far up from the back of the field.

The DCCofD showed some serious grits yet again, and I was proud to call myself part of such a cross dominating crowd. Paul I. pulled off second in the master B race, Rick 2nd in the Master Elite race; Marc and Ethan 8th and 9th in the Killer B field, and of course Nat'l Champ Katie Compton owned the Elite women's race. Everyone else pedaled so hard and it was a great pleasure seeing so much self-indulgent suffering.

Sunday - Wissahickon.

Never having raced 2 days in a row, I was unsure how I would do at Wissahickon. It was a really fast course, much more suited to my talents than the more fun Granogue (read: not as much climbing as Granogue). The field start was a bit of a clusterfuck - they started the Master B men and the C men at the same time, with the C men in the back. The whole race was very confusing, and it was very difficult to see who you were chasing.

None-the-less, I felt very good and managed to chew my way through the Master B field pretty well. The race was a too-short 24 minutes (3 laps), but I finished 8th out of 50. I felt so good and wish I could have done one more lap just for the experience. I can't speak to the results of the rest of the DCCofD because I had to leave early, but I know James was tearing up the Master B field - so props to him.

Tomorrow I leave for Taiwan, then San Francisco. A lot of travel and too much time off the bike, but I am looking forward to seeing some new places and eating some crazy food. And really looking forward to seeing my SF friends. I've got my compression stockings ready...

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