Friday, October 20, 2006

Granogue is going to hurt...

I decided to do both races this weekend. Saturday is Granogue, Sunday is Wissahickon. Registered for the latter after the following conversation on the DCCofD email listserv:

ME: Does anyone have experience with long travel directly after racing? I have 22 hours of sitting on a plane on Monday, and was considering not racing Sunday. The thinking being my legs would be so shot after 2 days of racing that sitting on a plane for that long would not be good...

Paul I: Suck it up...race as hard as you can...and suffer much.
You'll be fine.

Tom McD: Yeah race you big pansy. It's cross - it's supposed to hurt.

Feel the love?

And of course there was some advice on using "support hose." Use your imagination to think where that one went...

much love

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