Saturday, October 14, 2006

Double-bag it...

Yesterday's race was at Michaux State Forest in PA. About a 2.5 hour drive, so the DCCofD met up at 6 am to head out there convoy style. Staring at the outdoor temperature display on the dashboard, all I could think was, "Please god, let it be more than 34 degrees out when I'm changing into my skinsuit." No such luck.

I double-bagged all my limbs for safety, and just like they tell you in health class, that's actually not a great idea. I really should have stripped down to one layer at the start line after warming up, because of course the sun came out during the race and I got hotter than balls.

Anyway, it was a fun course: long grindy dirt climb that got real steep at the end, a "death spiral" that was confusing but some good recovery because you just couldn't go that fast, and a fast, technical descent through some rooty singletrack.

I had a great start, sitting in 5th wheel or so up the first climb and was able to cover all of the attacks that lap and close down the remaining gaps on the technical descent. 2nd lap I got gapped in the steep part of the climb, but managed to close it on the downhill. 3rd lap, my gut decides to lock up tighter than a chastity belt, and every hard effort makes me feel like something's going to come out of one or both ends of my digestive track. So now, I can't cover the attacks on the climbs and 5 riders start putting good time into me.

Ended up in 6th place, not what I had hoped for, but not terrible. Right now I'm sitting 4th overall for points in the Men's Category C for the MABRAcross series. This finish should move me up into 3rd at least, but we'll see... The DCCofD still represented big: Slick Rick still undefeated in Masters, E-town coming up with a solid 8th in Men's B, Lisa with 4th in Women's A, and Wes with 3rd in Men's A. Fatmarc didn't fare so well, but it was good seeing him laughing after taking one on the noggin - I'm sure we'll all see him back in fine form at Granogue.

This week at practice, I'm going to show off my new training tool. Purpose: learn how to let the guy in front of you do all the work.

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