Saturday, September 09, 2006

Friday night lights

Set up a slackline last night in John's front yard. That was fun, I have lost what little skill I used to have in that arena. But now I'm gonna ressurect the slackline because I know Julie is interested too. Did I mention John built a bouldering cave in his dining room. It's awesome; I will try to post some pictures of it.

After the slackline met up with a bunch of bikers for FFA's (if I have the right to call her that) birthday party. Long story short, I drank too much and had a great time.

Today I did my first brick ever. 35 mile ride and a short run right after. I want to perform on the cross bike this fall.

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Rachel said...

Robert, I did a 55 mile ride yesterday! I enjoyed maybe 35 miles of it, but the last 20 were kind of an ordeal.