Sunday, September 24, 2006

Putting the charm in Charm City Cross

First cyclocross race ever today. It was awesome. Raced in the C class in Baltimore. Finished 8th out of 64 starters. That's top 12.5%, I'll take it. The motivation derived from the yelling of Fort James, fatmarc, and Paul Incognito made a huge difference, and Dan kept me motivated on the course, finishing a solid 10th.

In the B class - Slick Rick took the honors, fatmarc in a respectable 5th or 6th. E-town took the 1st lap preem - a tube of chamois butt'r. Wes rocked hard in A class, even after a nasty cartwheel.

I'm so grateful to be part of the DCCofD, and maybe a provisional member of the Secret Henry's Team. Until then I'll be reppin' RPI in the mid-Atlantic.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Upcoming week in pictures

Instead of writing a bunch of boring shit, here's the agenda for the next week or so... click to enlarge of course:

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You're just jealous 'cause we're young and in love...

My life is a joke. 3 months ago, if you had asked me about my thoughts on Delaware, my biggest thought would have been: "I can't wait to get out of here." That was then.

Now, work is going very well. I mean, come on, I'm going to Interbike FOR WORK. I like the direction my career is headed (scary I know - I hoped career would never mean anything to me). And I work for a company that few get the privilege of knowing. Today my work team left at 1 PM to go sailing on the boat from Wedding Crashers - we all drank from 1 until we got back at 10. That aside, I'm deriving satisfaction from the work I perform.

On top of it all, I've made some great friends here. My work and climbing friends are great people, and know how to have fun. And being part, even a small part, of the bike community here is really something special. I've never met a more committed (to the sport AND each other) and fun bunch of cyclists in my life. Who else would but the Trojan Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail on their 'Cross race flyer?

Delaware ain't so bad.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's here...

She's arrived! Weighing a healthy 22.3 lbs and measuring 40.6 inches in length. She's beautiful, and tomorrow I will ride her until my legs stop spinning or until half price nachos at Deer Park win over my belly.

Also, I thought this article was really interesting:

Dr. Walker states, "When overtaking the test bicycle, drivers passed closer when the experimenter:
  • rode towards the centre of the lane rather than the edge
  • wore a helmet
  • appeared male rather than female
Drivers of buses and heavy goods vehicles got significantly closer than other vehicles."

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Friday night lights

Set up a slackline last night in John's front yard. That was fun, I have lost what little skill I used to have in that arena. But now I'm gonna ressurect the slackline because I know Julie is interested too. Did I mention John built a bouldering cave in his dining room. It's awesome; I will try to post some pictures of it.

After the slackline met up with a bunch of bikers for FFA's (if I have the right to call her that) birthday party. Long story short, I drank too much and had a great time.

Today I did my first brick ever. 35 mile ride and a short run right after. I want to perform on the cross bike this fall.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Vacation, family, friends, 'cross

Going in order, I just returned from vacation. Flew from Philly to Columbus, OH where I met my brothers, mother, aunt, uncle, and cousin (the latter 3 I haven't seen in 4 years). We hung out for a day in OH then drove to my aunt and uncle's summer place in Tennessee.

The biggest thing near their house is a super Walmart shitbox. We went there for some groceries and a couple laughs. Aside from the 6 OSHA recordables I saw (including a guy blasting a blow torch at the floor) I thought the book section was the funniest part of the store. It could be divided up into 3 sections:
  • Harlequin Romance
  • Shitty spy novels (like sub Robert Ludlum material)
  • the "Inspiration Center" (aka Fundamentalist Christian Brainwashing Zone)
The best book there was titled "23 Minutes in Hell." Read the description and you'll see why I laughed really hard. The south is just a different world.

It was really nice to see my family. I miss them a lot sometimes - I feel like I'm too far from home every now and then. We just had a laid back, water skiing, reading, eating, drinking good time.

Equally as good was driving out to Blue Ridge Summit, PA to hang out with the "Haus" crowd from RPI. I miss them as well; it's just so easy to laugh non-stop in their company. I'd try to explain the jokes, but I don't think I possibly could. It's amazing what good friends and family will do for your morale.

After ordering my Redline Conquest today from Henry's, I decided to go to my first ever Cyclocross practice on Fitzy's borrowed bike. All I can say is this: I am ashamed, depressed, and dumbfounded that I have never ridden 'cross before. It rivals riding a velodrome for the coolest thing I've ever done on a bike.

I am motivated to continue training, including my newly started running regimen (we all know how much I HATE running), so I can actually compete in the upcoming months. My nuts are still a little sore from my first botched attempt at a flying remount onto the bike. 7-8 laps on just the barriers was enough to get the hang of it, but if I want to clear those bastards like Slick Rick and company, I'm gonna need some practice.

I think my next project is building some barriers on which to practice.