Tuesday, July 25, 2006


While my posting has come to a crawl, my life continues to speed by me at a fascinating speed. Work is just chugging along, but it's already almost August and I feel like I haven't accomplished much with my summer... at least, I have not been riding as much as I'd hoped. A lot of that is because I've been climbing so much more than I have before, but I'm missing the freedom that comes with two wheels. Also, I've FINALLY finished moving to Newark, so that should free up some more time. Unpacking sucks.

Speaking of climbing, I posted pictures from my botched trip to Summersville WV. The goal was to climb all day that Saturday in New River Gorge or Summerville and drive home Sunday. The real series of events was as follows:
  • Leave work at 3.30 on Friday and drive 8 hours to the campground
  • Unpredicted rain starts 7 hours into the trip and continues through the night
  • We are the first ones to the rock Sat morning to find it soaking wet
  • We start driving home frustrated
  • We stop and climb this small wet face at Cooper's Rock State Park
  • We get home and drink our sorrows away
At least the hike in was fun... and wet.

More pictures here.

Otherwise, I'm sort of glad that our company soccer season has ended. It's one more day a week I can try and ride. I REALLY want to race cross this fall, and I need to get more miles under my belt than 2 rides a week can provide.

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