Saturday, July 01, 2006

Le tour and le track

Le Tour de France is underway, and those fuckers are gonna put on a good show this year. Primary reason I say this? Some of the the better cheats have been removed.

Ullrich, as much as I wanted to see your fat ass win, you should have stuck to TrimSpa.
Basso, f-you for being my first fantasy TdF pick at work. Now I gotta fill in for your ass with some of the low-lifes in the peloton.

Meanwhile this tour is open to the cheats that didn't get caught... I think it'll make for a more even-keeled, well-balanced race. I just wish doping was out in the open. It doesn't bother me that they all cheat, I like the action, the drama, the upsets, all of it. Plus I like thinking the reason my fat ass can't win races is because I'm clean. It's all about rationalization.

I'm posting this from San Francisco, which is enjoying some incredible weather. Today Silas and I went down to the Hellyer Park Velodrome in San Jose. On top of a killer sunburn, I got in a couple wins on a rental bike. I really enjoyed the team pursuit, the match sprints, the scratch racing... Track racing is the most enjoyable thing I have ever done on a bike and I now know I need to make it up to Trexlertown.

Vive la bicyclette.

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