Saturday, July 08, 2006

Good news / Bad news

If you've been following le Tour, you'll know today was a day of highs and lows.

T-Mobile rider showing off his breakdancing skills before the stage start.

The lows:
  • the Americans collectively sucked a fat one in the ITT today, including (in order of sucking):
    • Leipheimer (96th) - quite possibly the most boring rider in the peloton.
    • Horner (48th) - "my hand is broken!" No, Chris, it's not.
    • Vandevelde (30th)
    • Hincapie (24th) - I envy the man, really I do... he's got the look, the hot wife, the solid career, the successful clothing line... but he just can't win races.
    • Zabriskie (13th) - He was my hope for a win.
    • Floyd (2nd) - The only remaining hopes for an American on the podium in 2 weeks is now Floyd. Too bad the fucker isn't on my fantasy team.
  • Julich is out, crashing pretty dramatically ala Tour 1999.
The highs make me a bad person, but only because I'm in a Tour de France fantasy game at work. I'm leading right now, but once the mountains start, I'm fucked.

  • I picked up Sergei Gonchar who won me some solid points today by winning the stage and taking the yellow jersey.
  • Denis Menchov, another late pick earned me some points and moved up the GC.
  • I don't have any Americans on my team so the above 'lows' are highs for me.
  • My competition just keeps crashing out (haha suckas).
    • Valverde
    • Julich
    • Dekker
On a personal note: WAH! I've got a small tear in a muscle in my back that is wreaking havoc on my life. It's caused a muscle spasm that is so painful that it was hard to breathe yesterday. I'm trying to get better by laying off the climbing, which probably hurt me in the first place; taking advil; icing and heating my back; and Icy Hot-ing the shit out of the area. So I smell like a nursing home.

The good news is that I ignored medical advice and went for a ride! I did some sprint-ervals. 15 seconds of super high cadence sprinting every 7.5 minutes for the middle hour of the ride, and then my normal super hard effort for the last 3 miles into Wilmington on 52.

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