Thursday, June 08, 2006

y tu mama tambien

Just finished watching Y Tu Mama Tambien. I recommend it - it seems slow at points but then it ends leaving you with a "Holy shit, life just keeps on rolling so enjoy the ride" kind of feeling.

Went for a solid 31 miles on the road today. Meant to be 34 but I missed the turn back onto 100 to go up to 926 when I crossed Route 1 up in PA. Ended up riding on rt 1 for a couple miles; nothing like a US highway to lift the pace a little. I wanted the fuck out of there ASAP. Averaged 20.4 mph out there alone - I was impressed given the state of my bike muscles 3 days ago.

I picked up my Bianchi Pista on Tuesday and I now have it dialed in to where I think I'm going to like it. This leave me very close to finishing the fixed gear city cruiser - I should be able to pick up the last brake component tomorrow. This of course leaves me begging a new question: What do I ride for Cross season???

As I see it, I have 3 options:
  1. Go cheap. I can get a Redline Conquest or Fuji Cross for 700 bucks (I think).
  2. Go expensive. Something like the Van Dessel Gin and Trombones.
  3. Go stupid. Go balls out and get a Vicious Slider.
I really want a Vicious, and the question remains... Do I want the Slider, or do I go cheaper on the cross bike and order a Vicious Motivator over the winter??? I also want a 29er. Where do I put the bucks? I'm tempted to go for the Gin and Trombones and the Motivator, but that just seems stupid. I am open to suggestions.

I really should post some shit about the Dauphine Libere, but just check out coverage, especially the photos of the Ventoux stage. Mind boggling landscape. Also noteworthy is Alejandro Valverde's TT helmet. I wasn't sure if he was trying to race or blow away some punks in Robocop 4: Bicyclon's Revenge.


fatmarc said...

go cheap with the cross bike, you'll beat the hell out of it. plus if you go cheap, getting totally hooked by cross you can get a 2nd bike. If you order a motivator order early, turn around times are a little slow...

shoot me your email sometime.


robert said...

I've wanted the motivator for a while. The plan is to order it over the winter and ride it next year so the turn around time won't hurt so bad. I just talked to them - they're saying 10 weeks is the current ETA.