Tuesday, June 13, 2006

sleep when you're dead

Silas, seen below having any future hopes for political office ruined, has been visiting from San Francisco since Friday.
His presence has decreased the hours on the bike (read: 0 hours on the bike since Thursday) and the hours I've spent getting shut-eye, but has increased my weekly beer intake correspondingly. We managed to get in the typical bullshit sessions that occur when we hang out, some climbing at the gym, and some serious beer consumption in Philly to pregame for the pro race on Sunday (and who did I see racing in the Women's field - none other than Cate McCullough - the same hot, fast chick and former personal tailwind who won the ECCC overall this spring - seriously Cate, major props).

Monday brought a weekend bonus round when Silas and I met up with Amy at Iron Hill where the following questions were answered:
  1. Is it possible for a girl to be 'good from far but far from good', or 'a nasty freak but freakishly nasty'?
  2. What is the CDI (chicks dig it) factor of a Corgi?
  3. Does the 'plus' in 'Christiana Care +' equate to happy endings?
Amy receives her happy ending after 12 O'Muchy.

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