Wednesday, June 14, 2006

more casualties

Because of the threatening skies and the errands that needed running today, I still have not ridden a bike since last Thursday. One of the errands was to head over to Bike Line to get a 17 mm cone wrench for my seized-up rear wheel bearings on the single speed steed. Turns out both "sealed" bearings are shot and need to be replaced. Thank god for McMaster-Carr; only a true geek has ordered ABEC bearings from home instead of going to happy hour or riding. Casualties from Allamuchy now include:

Redline saddle, Clif Bars, and Soiled Chamois

A gazillion brake pads

1 bottom bracket, 2 rear wheel bearings (ABEC-1 size 6001) , 1 1/8" singlespeed chain, 1 18 tooth Shimano freewheel.

I should also replace the brake rotor on the front wheel at least, but that is going to wait for now. While I wait for all these god forsaken parts to arrive from various places, I'm going to clean up the fork and hope it doesn't need a rebuild... oh, yeah, I can also only ride road unless someone is kind enough to lend me a singlespeed mountain bike.

Meanwhile the Tour de Suisse is under way while a swirling controversy surrounds Spanish cycling. Liberty Seguros, now Wurth(less) after L.S. pulled sponsorship, may not ride the TdF if the UCI decides to pull their pro tour lisence. Fuck it, I say, the whole peleton's on drugs anyway... even if Discovery denies it like a Lewinsky blowjob.

Contador is up to no good.

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