Thursday, June 01, 2006

May wrap up

First off, this one kind of hit home - be careful out there:

Delaware cyclist killed in hit-and-run

Last Monday in Delaware, USA, a cyclist was involved in a fatal hit-and-run, with state authorities seeking further evidence to identify the driver.

Delaware Online reports that 29 year-old Russell C. Kennedy III of Milford was found by a passer-by at approximately 8:45pm on Mosley Road in the South Bowers area, just west of South Bowers Road. Investigators determined that Kennedy had been riding west on Mosley Road when an eastbound vehicle crossed the centre line and hit him, said Delaware State Police spokesman Cpl. Jeff Oldham.

Moving on into June. The end of May saw a nice 3 day weekend including some sailing, some road biking, some mountain biking, some beer drinking, some slipping and sliding on the world's most expensive slip n' slide (which ended in fun, blood, broken toes, bruises, and concussions).

Judge Morris Estate is one of my favorite flowy-rollercoaster-style rides around here, and it can be said that Brandywine Creek State Park has some boring ass mountain biking, aside from some decent singlespeed hill interval opportunities for this area. Good training for this weekend's 12 Hours of Allamuchy. 600 feet of climbing per 7 mile lap. John Francis and I are going to die.

I never like to come down on anyone that rides a bike. I don't care if its a 78 Schwinn 10-speed, a 94 Huffy Strata, or your overpriced 2006 Trek [piece of crap]. I'm always glad to see someone riding a bike - for fun, transportation, fitness - it's all honey baby. I will say, however, that when 8 out of 10 riders I see on 'mountain biking' trails are wearing tennis shoes, baggy shorts, and a visor on their helmet, I know I am not challenging myself enough. Also, word to the wise: YOU DO NOT NEED REAR SUSPENSION IN DELAWARE. Front suspension alone is probably just for pussies like me.

Speaking of bike tech: the big man Jan has come out with a line of bikes. I do think his marketing strategy is flawed. He seems to be targeting the elite and/or overly-wealthy racer crowd. Come on now, who are we kidding Jan, you'd make a killing in the weekend warrior scene.

State-of-the-art aging software was utilized to create a predictive portrait of Jan Ullrich in 5 years. Note the striking resemblance to Winston Churchill.

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