Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dear Chris King: I love you. Love, Robert

Sometimes I like to wear my drunkcyclist socks to work to remind me who I really am while the man holds me down.

I can't lose sight that by night I am a loud-mouthed, debaucherous, beer-swilling cyclist; and by day I am a loud-mouthed, debaucherous, beer-swilling engineer - and only one of those is really important to me in the long run.

It has just been decided that the Motivator, aka this winter's bank-breaker is getting full King EVERYTHING. This is mostly because my King headset is the only set of bearings left in full working order after Allamuchy. Also, McMaster-Carr is amazing. I ordered new bearings for my rear wheel last night and they were on my desk today around lunchtime. Also have new saddle... just waiting on the bottom bracket and we'll be back in action.

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