Sunday, June 04, 2006

12 Hours of Alla-muddy

JF and I successfully completed the 12 hours of Allamunchy in northern NJ yesterday; that is, we finished and survived, even if our bikes did not.

Lap 1 (RT) - Le Mans style start, the trail is really muddy from the night's rain. I open it up to pass two slower guys on a descent and completely eat shit in this rock garden at the bottom of the valley. My saddle is bent sideways 45 degrees, but I am OK. I finish the lap muddier than I've ever been in a respectable 39 minutes.
Lap 2 (RT) - it starts POURING. The trails turn to rivers, and it's actually a little faster because the soft stuff gets washed away. I flat at the same spot I crashed before and lose 10 minutes changing the flat. I finished riding with the shitty bent saddle and my back is screaming.
Laps 3 and 4 (JF)... I'll see if I can get his accounts later. I meanwhile head over to the SHT (secret Henry's Team) / Spot Brand campsite to visit my pals over there. They have the full circus show going. Generators, electricity, food, hot water. Tom McD is pulling pit duty and hoses me and my bike off. Matt offers me a spare saddle and I swap out. It stops raining.
Laps 5 and 6 (RT) - The trails are turning to peanut butter as the mud dries a little and gets shredded up. I walk more and spend more time clearing mud out of my chain stays. Somewhere during lap 6 my brake pads blow out. Metal on metal time baby. I finish the laps Fred Flintstoning down the hills.
Laps 7 and 8 (JF)... I meanwhile find some used Hayes brake pads (one set) and put in on the front. I have a little left on one pad from the front and back so I put those both in the back.
Laps 9 and 10 (RT) - Even muddier. More walking, more mud bricks in my chain stays. Beginning of lap 10, my brakes blow out again. I finish and my bike is shot. JF takes off and finishes our last 2 laps.

The casualites include almost all of John's bike and the following on mine:
  • 6 Hayes brake pads
  • 2 Hayes brake rotors
  • 1 shimano 18 tooth freewheel
  • 1 chain
  • 1 Redline saddle
  • 1 shimano bottom bracket
  • various component on my Fox Shox Vanilla RLC fork
A lot of teams were demoralized enough, or their bikes were trashed enough that they had to drop out of the race. I am proud that JF and I stuck it out, but I can also say that we couldn't have done it if SHT / Spot hadn't hosted us. I am amazed and filled with admiration for their team. Not only did Matt / Buddy and Marc / Paul tie to win the Men's Duo with 16 laps (compared to our 12), they manage to support, uplift, and work together like only friends can. Congratulations to them and thanks for the support.

Check out Marc's race report at

Today I helped Tom McD air out the race trailer and EZ UP tents and then we went for a nice easy 35 mile recovery ride.

In other news, the Dauphine Libere has begun and my man Dave Zabriskie took the win in the prologue. I hope he shows some dominance like he did in the Tour last year before his crash in the TTT. 2 more Americans in the top ten: Gorgeous George in 2nd after returning from his Paris-Roubaix crash, and Floyd "NASCAR" Landis in 9th. My money is on Landis or Valverde for the overall win in this thing.

Landis the Mantis has the weirdest TT position.

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