Friday, May 26, 2006

woot! friday...

Going to see X-Men III tonight. Pretty pumped. Got a full weekend planned including:
  • Road ride Sat morning with John F.
  • Sailing with Mike M. and co. Sat afternoon
  • Party Sat evening
  • Riding Sunday
  • Maybe going to see Ween Sunday afternoon
  • Riding on the road Monday I hope
  • Watching the Giro wrap up on OLN Sunday afternoon.
Which brings me to my daily Giro thoughts. Jan Ullrich pulled out today. Big surprise - shit got too steep for the fat boy (don't get me wrong, I love der Kaiser, but the size of his ass makes him an easy target). I do hope he wins the Tour in July, but here is his answer to the Italian Dolomites (mountain range, jackass):
Jens Voigt and Juan Manuel Garate were the two big survivors of today's 20 man breakaway. Jens Voigt (king of attacks, prince of breakaways, definition of hard man, general nice guy, complete badass, and one of my favorite riders) conceded the stage to Garate after showing he was strong enough to contest the sprint. That man is complete class. He gave Garate a shake of hands and a pat on the back with 200 meters to go after an all day breakaway. That to me speaks louder than a stage win. Garate thanked him with a salute at the finish line.
And finally, it sucks to break your collarbone. But John Gadret makes my bike tan - one of my finest features - look like shit:

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