Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Petacchi is out of the Giro... bummer because now McEwen is gonna mop the floor. I'm still hoping for McGee to pull out the stops and go big. Even if he likes to dress up like Robocop:

We had our second victory in Gore League soccer yesterday, 3-0. I scored our 2nd goal, a long, no-chance kick from just about midfield that mad the top corner. Complete luck and I'm ashamed to say it's my first soccer score in memory.

A little ride with JB out of Newark today. I was still feeling Lodi Farm in my legs at first, but we ran into Aaron Chen's ride and that motivated me. We got in a couple good solid hard efforts in an hour.5 of riding. I thought I was ready to make the full transition to mountain bike until I got another taste of group riding, sprinting, attacking, and pointless flyers off the front of the peleton.

I truly don't understand how anyone could go through life without chasing down their passions daily. Bikes provide so much more than exercise. They provide an outlet, a challenge, an enemy, a friend, a means to meeting new people (mostly awesome). I can't wait to ride a bike again. Tomorrow I leave for Florida for 4 days. No riding, but hopefully my shoulder will feel better.

Still waiting on photos and results for Lodi Farm, but June 3, 12 O'Muchy.

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