Sunday, May 14, 2006


Basso, in an attempt to burn off his anger about comments pertaining to the not-so-wholesome behavior of his sister, won today's stage of the Giro and took the Maglia Rosa.

Jose Rujano (above) took a flyer in an attempt for the stage, but his spirit was broken by the laughter of the bunch at his elf-like appearance.

Rode a solid 2.5 - 3 hours at Fair Hill on the singlespeed steed today with JB and Cooper, who was a trooper seeing as he doesn't ride anything but trials and was on a borrowed 29er singlespeed. Met the nicest equestrians ever, who didn't get pissy when we almost plowed into them on a descent then had to pass them 500 meters later. Also saw a very irritable woman who dropped her family's 'picnic' which was a couple tubs of the Colonel's best fried chicken (what kind of fucking picnic is that shit) and some mashed potatoes. Her husband was laughing at her, so I decided not to yell out my patented "WAH, a botched picnic! WAH!"

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