Sunday, May 07, 2006

race report part 1

First off: The Giro has begun. First blood to Savoldelli and McEwan. It's gonna be a good 3 weeks.

Friday after work Chris Mason and I went out with JB to make sure our legs could function when attached to mountain bikes. This was to prepare for our 12 hour race starting at midnight today that ran to noon (today obviously).

The course was a super tight, twisty, technical single-track romp through rolling hills of Fredericksburg VA. There were a lot of roots, bridges, logs, and hairpins, and one stream crossing added strictly as a wet dream for the pro photographer. There were a lot of fast motherfuckers out there. Our team, the Squarewheels (not the Dickies), was comprised of myself, John Francis, and Chris Mason. Our batting order was John, Me, Chris, trading off every lap throughout the night.

Delaware represented, along with our team there was:
-Lauri, Jeff (12 years old and faster than I will ever be - he got a 56 min lap compared to my best of 1:06), and Fat Marc (He's only 12! Mighty Spot Brand Team): 3 person singlespeed class
-Fitzy (Spot Brand Factory Team): solo men class on his crazy custom Spot 3 speed (I think)
-Buddy and Paul (Mighty Mighty Spot Brand Team): duo class
-Matt (Spot Team): singlespeed solo class

Among many delirious thoughts that crossed my mind while racing I can remember the following:

LAP 1 - night lap - 1 hr 12 min
-I hate people on geared bikes because the slow ones spin uphill at ungodly slow rates while I'm trying to churn some butter up the hill, and the fast ones just pass me and crush my brittle spirit.
-I hate trying to clear logs when my handlebars are loose in the stem, and my shoulder is proof.
-I hate single speeds.
-I will never ride anything but a single speed ever again.
-Night riding is amazing.
-HID head lamps attract a lot of moths to your face.

LAP 2 - night to dawn lap - 1 hr 9 min
-Lack of sleep makes racing interesting.
-My relationship with my bike gives me a new understanding of how a wife beater can smack his wife around and she will still claim she loves him - or something like that.
-I should probably ride more than 4 mountain bike rides over 2 months leading to a 12 hour race.
-Night time is silent, and owls can scare the shit out of you.
-Daylight brings some serious motivation, and a lot of bird chirping.

LAP 3 - day lap - 1 hr 6 min
-When the pro photographer shows up your lap time drops.
-The pro photographer makes you crash harder.
-Beer is the most amazing energy drink ever developed.
-Clif Bars and GU seem like a good idea until you are waiting for the handoff from your team mate and the bottom drops out of your duodenum.
-ALWAYS bring spare toilet paper to endurance races.

Photos to follow when the concrete is removed from my legs.

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