Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Pinching out a blog

The three blogs I regularly read are as follows:
Drunk Cyclist - for reasons that will become blatantly clear if you read it.
Handlebar Sandwich - because my friends Nathan and MJ run the show there.
Fat Marc - because Fat Marc is a Delaware singlespeeder who is way faster than me, and rides with a lot of the local homeboys and girls from the area.

Drunk Cyclist had two splendid links today:
1. a radio show about cyclists who've been hit by cars:
2. one of the hotter girls I've seen in a while:

Fat Marc has some awesome, hilarious, and deep thought ridden posts. And MJ and Nathan are just two badasses.

Today I rolled out with JB, John "forgotten helmet" Francis, Mike, and Bob. Some other dude was with us on a cannondale prophet, but he tacoed his wheel literally 10 seconds into the ride. Serves him right for riding with gears and suspension. My legs felt like wood today. Serves me right for following hill intervals on my fixed gear with a hilly ride and then a soccer game. Call the WAHmbulance.

The Giro is all but wrapped up in a little pink bow. Ivan managed to open up even more time today in a stage so riddled with bad weather they shaved 13 kilometers off, including the final 5k of the finishing climb. Hard men my ass. Though today's stage was a classic juxtaposition of love vs. hate.
Danielson ponders his man-crush Lance.

Leonardo Piepoli is being chased by an angry Danielson after comments involving the words "American" "sweet potato" and "Lance-shmance". Danielson proceeded to lose to Piepoli.

Dario Cioni propagates the ongoing feud between the French and the Italians. Benoit Poilvet brings a serious grimace of disgust to the face of the snooty Italian.

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