Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mostly pathetic with a chance of redemption

I really don't like this iffy pseudo-spring / pseudo-summer weather of Delaware. Wake up, a beautiful day, windy as hell, but sunny and inviting. I update my Quicken files and make sure I ain't broke, then throw on my new Gore Bike Wear bibs (comfiest bibs I've ever ridden in), fill up the Gatorade and roll out the front door. The wind is at my back, I'm flying northwest on 52, and up ahead the skies are black and boiling.

I decide, at the very least, to turn around to put my cell phone in a zip lock bag. After I accomplish this the black skies have boiled over my house. A Delaware thunderstorm seems inevitable. OK, so a perfect chance to spin out on the fixed gear - I wouldn't want to subject my road bike to shitty weather. A change of shoes and some air in the tires; I'm out the door again.

Well the skies are still black, I'm home an hour later and I saw maybe 5 rain drops. Fucking ridiculous weather. The wind is insanely shifty. Whatever, at least I hit a couple downhills at insane RPMs and slammed up some climbs. By the way, fuck you, it still says mostly clear and 10% chance of rain.

Yesterday I got in a nice, slighly hungover mountain bike ride at Middle Run and Judge Morris. It was supposed to continue into White Clay, but the dehydrated legs decided otherwise. The Chestnut Hill loop at Judge Morris is some of the most flowy fun single track around.

Afterwards I went with the roommate to see the Red Sox beat the Phillies at Citizen's Park field. These kids in front of us had a sign that said 'Big Poopi' - an attempt to insult Ortiz (aka Big Poppi). One was straight up latchkey kid white trash and the other was wearing a weird lion mask and kept roaring and doing this thing where it looked like he was trying to pick apples from a tree at record speed. Anyway, they got threatened with ousting from the stadium and calmed down a little.

Had a black and tan at a quiet table at Catherine Rooney's and called it a night. What better way to end my birthday weekend then to watch the Giro on OLN in an hour. Cheers.

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