Monday, May 01, 2006


First off, major props to Cate McCullough, former riding buddy, leg thrasher, and hot chick. She won the overall seasons points competition for the ECCC (eastern collegiate cycling conference). She is headed to nationals. She is my hero. Well done Cate.

As for me, I got worked today at Gore Soccer League, where hacks like me use dumb muscle to injure the other team into a loss. Today I got mine with a nice knee-knee collision which has me limping. We did finally win a game 4-2.

Tomorrow I head to Houston for the Offshore Technology Conference. I'm still a little torn about helping develop a technology that is perpetuating the oil industry, but I guess the switch to alternative fuel sources won't come over night. Gotta have justifications I suppose.

Upon my return, I will be competing in the 8th Annual 12 hours of Lodi Farm mountain bike race. Chris and John will make up the rest of my team: the Dickies. I will be happy to live to blog about it.

finally, a conversation with MJ:

born 2 do d1shes: get this
born 2 do d1shes: i got fucking wasted friday
born 2 do d1shes: or sat rather
born 2 do d1shes: and walking home, i dont remember this, but i pissed on a car and threw a cone at something or another
MTBCrazyMan: hahaha
born 2 do d1shes: and i tried to call one of you in troy
born 2 do d1shes: and i got a random phone
born 2 do d1shes: and left a voicemail, so drunk that i didnt realize i didnt know the guy
born 2 do d1shes: so he calls me sunday
born 2 do d1shes: i dont recognize the nubmer besides it's a 518
born 2 do d1shes: and he's like you fucking prick
born 2 do d1shes: you pissed onmy car last night
born 2 do d1shes: i'm gonna kick your ass
born 2 do d1shes: mind you i dont remember any of this, but it sounds like something i might do
born 2 do d1shes: i'm like, dude, where you calling from?
born 2 do d1shes: he says NY, i say, well, I'm in delaware
born 2 do d1shes: and his cover was blown
born 2 do d1shes: but he had me sweating for a minute
MTBCrazyMan: nice
born 2 do d1shes: then we had a good laugh
MTBCrazyMan: that is funny

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